Microsoft Buys aQuantive

When folks say that "it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy", they should be talking about Mike Galgon, one of the founders of Avenue A, the banner advertising company that became aQuantive. The online advertising agency was purchased by Microsoft for $66.50 a share, a considerable premium over the current price of about $35 a share.

At a time when folks created flimsy business models, hoping to cash out via the drama of an IPO, aQuantive did things the right way. The CEO is the same CEO from 2000. Mr. Galgon, one of the founders, is still actively involved in the business.

aQuantive is one of a very small number of success stories from the internet bubble era. I'm very happy for those folks!!

P.S. Had I stayed for seven and a half years, I, too, would have been worth millions!!