May 15, 2007

Listen To Tuesday's Webinar!

The good folks at Intelligent Results recorded today's webinar on Multichannel Forensics. The event was well attended. Thanks to everybody who joined me, I appreciate that you spent time listening to this topic.

Please click here to listen to today's presentation. You'll be able to follow along with the slides as you listen to the audio portion of the presentation.

Up next is the Seattle DMA's "Market To The Max" event on Monday, May 21. If you're in Seattle, stop by after the presentation for a chat! You'll also have a chance to hear uber-bloggers Robert Scoble and Ben McConnell, as well as Friend of MineThatData Chris Baggott at this conference.

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  1. Anonymous3:55 PM


    I just watched your presentation. Fantastic stuff, very interesting.

    Is there any way you can send along the power point and template?

    Thanks, Kevin. Again, brilliant stuff.


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