May 03, 2007

Honor Roll For May 3, 2007

A few articles worthy of MineThatData Honor Roll consideration.
  • Spike at the Brains on Fire Blog makes an interesting observation at the end of this post about spreading good news. How often do we, as e-mail, online and catalog marketers view our craft as "spreading good news"?


  1. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Thanks for the shout out, Kevin. The commentary by the preacher helped me look at customer evangelists in a whole new light. Who knew you could still learn stuff at church, eh?

  2. Anonymous1:49 PM

    It's always a good idea to listen to God!!

  3. Anonymous5:40 AM


    Nice to meet you and your readers. I also did a post on Blockbuster and Netflix at Fast Company expert blogs as "Blockbusted, the Return of the DVD" with comments on my site a few weeks ago.

    Here's the link, if interested [ ].


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