April 11, 2007

Multichannel Verses Integration

One word in this DMNews article caught my attention: "Integration".

The search folks have a very different mindset than traditional catalogers have. Second Life isn't necessarily the future of the internet. Something like Second Life is the future. That future is an obvious threat to today's version of the search industry.

Before the future even becomes relevant, the search folks call for "Integration". Catalogers are still arguing over whether printed, perfect-bound or saddle-stitched creative pieces drove an online sale, and are arguing over who gets credit for the sale.

The search folks see the future, and quickly call for "Integration". Online, Offline, Second Life, it doesn't matter.

"Integration" is so much more useful than "Multichannel". Catalogers and Retailers demanded credibility in the face of online competition, crafting the "Multichannel" moniker. "Integration" demands credibility, demands inclusion. You wouldn't integrate something unless it was useful and important. It requires all parts to fulfill the whole.

Nice job, search marketers!

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