February 28, 2007

Top Four Articles In February

Here are the four most popular articles from the month of February.

Number Four was the Neiman Marcus Fashion Week Blog. This received a lot of traffic. In fact, most times when I talk about how companies are using this style of communication, the post gets a lot of traffic.

Number Three was the Social Media Index for Apparel entry. This is something I may continue to update, given the popularity of the ranking system.

Number Two was Virtual CEO: Coldwater Creek and Inventory Management. You enjoyed reading this, but nobody left a comment as to how to solve the problem. The lack of solutions indicates jsut how tough it is to run inventory management at a multichannel business.

And finally, at Number One, we have The Grammys Of Mulitchannel Marketing. The most popular article of the month could have used more comments --- come on folks, use your chance to recognize somebody who does great work in the multichannel retailing environment!!!!!!

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