The Grammy's Of Multichannel Marketing

On Sunday evening, artists received awards at music's biggest evening, the Grammy's.

Today, it is your turn to rebuke my recent criticism of a lack of talent in the multichannel marketing industry.

I am asking you to identify the individuals who are deserving of recognition in the multichannel marketing industry.

Please use the comments section of this post to identify individuals you have worked with, individuals who are worthy of recognition, individuals who may not get the recognition they deserve.

Name the individual, list the company the person works for, choose one of the following categories, and then describe what this person does that is worthy of recognition. I will publish some of the particularly enlightening commentary as individual posts over the next few weeks.

Here are the categories you may choose from:
  • Merchandising
  • Creative
  • Operations (Pick, Pack 'n Ship and Call Centers)
  • Finance
  • Inventory Management
  • Circulation (List Rental, Compiled Lists, Housefile Circulation, Database Marketing, Sales Planning).
  • Online Marketing (Search, Portals, Affiliates, etc.)
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Data Mining and Business Intelligence
  • Web Analytics
  • Information Technology
  • Leadership (Executives who deserve recognition).
  • Management (Directors and Managers who deserve recognition).
  • Vendors (Individuals at organizations you outsource key functions to).
  • Other (Areas that are not easily classified above).