February 24, 2007

Friends of MineThatData: February 24, 2007

Most sites in this month's Friends of MineThatData rankings improved their metrics, building audience and community during the month of February. Good job!

The three big movers this week are Customers Rock!, Jim Novo's Marketing Productivity Blog ,and Ron Shevlin's Marketing ROI blog. Congrats to all three authors for building an audience.

You, too, can be included in the Friends of MineThatData rankings by doing the following:
  • Host a blog that focuses on Database Marketing, ROI, Web Analytics, Direct Marketing or Customer Behavior.
  • Focus on writing content that is largely positive.
If you feel your blog meets the criteria mentioned above, send me an e-mail with a hyperlink to your blog.

Here are the top ten blogs --- see the right sidebar for all Friends of MineThatData.

1st Place = Occam's Razor, 6.7
2nd Place = Customer's Rock, 4.6
3rd Place = LunaMetrics, 4.5
4th Place = Juice Analytics, 3.8
5th Place = Rimm-Kaufman Group, 3.0
6th Place = Sports Marketing 2.0, 2.6
7th Place = Jim Novo's Marketing Productivity Blog, 2.2
8th Place = Profitable Marketing, 1.7
8th Place = Marketing ROI, 1.7
10th Place = Business Enterprise Management, 1.5
10th Place = Data Mining Research, 1.5

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