An Envigorating 310 Minute Drive Home From Work

Seattle and the adjoining metropolitan area, population 3.3 million, is not prepared for natural disasters. So when a couple of inches of snow hit King County at 4:30pm on a sleepy Wednesday afternoon, our clogged transportation system went into cardiac arrest.

Like any good solider, I left work at 5:00pm. Just ten blocks from work at 5:50pm, I dug in for the journey of a lifetime.

The twenty-eight mile ride home took just under five hours and fifteen minutes. Road closures, an inch of ice, jack-knifed semis, cars sliding into ditches, buses with school children stranded along the highway, chain reaction accidents, several hundred cars abandoned --- some right in the middle of the freeway, hardy pioneers walking home from their abandoned cars in shorts, you name it, I saw it.

We didn't get cheated at my house. There's a good nine to twelve inches of snow here. Now that I finished eating dinner at 10:57pm, it is time to go outside, and shovel some snow.