January 05, 2007

A 15 Year Old Analyst Running Circles Around The Rest Of Us

Those of us in the Database Marketing field are on the verge of losing our deathgrip on customer information.

As an example, take the blog Yuvisense, hosted by Yuvi, a fifteen year old in India. Recently, Yuvi decided to analyze information about uber-blogger Robert Scoble's blog. This link is the second of his posts about Scoble's blog.

Two topics come to mind.

First, who are you going to hire, the twenty-six year old who mails you a resume, touting the three years of experience at a great company, or Yuvi, the person who had the initiative at age fifteen to unabashedly share his analytical insights about a uber-blogger with the entire world, illustrating a clarity of presentation that most forty year olds cannot aspire to?

Second, pretend you are the Vice President of Database Marketing at a company like Talbots, J. Jill, Williams Sonoma, J.C. Penney, J. Crew, or any other company that starts with a J. In time, which option makes more sense?

Option #1 = Hire bright analytical minds, competing against companies like Google or Yahoo! on the basis of salary, benefits, stock options and prestige.

Option #2 = Farm out Database Marketing to Abacus or any number of competitors.

Option #3 = Make your analyses available to a throng of eager analytical bloggers, offering prize money to the individual who develops an acceptable answer, and a stipend to other individuals who invest time in the solution.

In time, I can see a world where folks like Yuvi access corporate datasets with anonymous information, creating brilliant insights and analyses that cannot possibly be matched by in-house talent. And what an interesting opportunity this presents for both businesses and individuals.

I subscribed to Yuvi's RSS feed. Let's see where Yuvi, and thousands of other bright, enterprising analytical minds take the field of Database Marketing.


  1. This kid's going to fall eventually. I've seen it before. Unless he's kept motivated by some continuous offering.

    I was once like Yuvi... *looks to ground in shame*

  2. You'll be like Yuvi again!

    Life is a series of ups and downs. You have no idea when you are riding high if you haven't fallen at some point. All of us fall.

  3. Anonymous6:21 AM

    @Well meaning: I think I have that continuos motivation: Working at Microsoft is my ambition.



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