December 04, 2006

Honor Roll for December 4, 2006

As you know, from time to time, I will feature various links in the "Honor Roll". I only have two requirements for the Honor Roll. First, the post must have quality content. Second, the content needs to be presented in a selfless manner that does not directly benefit the individual sharing the content.

Hugh at Gaping Void shares this article from Forbes magazine about giving away content. It's an interesting account about giving away the books he writes as e-books.

A brief discussion
about how Microsoft uses its 3,000 bloggers, 500 of which are actively blogging, to write about a topic simultaneously, resulting in better search results. Someday, more businesses will figure out that this free marketing channel called blogging is powerful.

A VC talks about the concept of "de-portalization". I don't use portals anymore. I subscribe to whatever I want to read via Google Reader, and use Google (I frequently complain that Google is about to take over the planet, yet I use them like anybody else) to search whatever else I'm interested in. I have maybe two dozen bookmarks for other sites I visit, sites that don't have convenient RSS feeds. What do you think, is the internet being "de-portalized"?

Avinash Kaushik
has an interview with web analytics guru Jason Burby of ZAAZ. Analytic folks, read this carefully. You'll learn about a person who has figured out what the secret of analytical success is ... and it has nothing to do with the analytics.

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