November 10, 2006

Friends of MineThatData

From time to time, I will be sharing commentary from individuals in the Database Marketing, Direct Marketing, and Analytics areas of the blogosphere. If your site falls into one of these three categories, you can become one of the "Friends of MineThatData".

Here is the inaugural "Friends of MineThatData", with associated BlogJuice rankings.

4.2 Occam's Razor
3.1 LunaMetrics
3.0 Juice Analytics
1.9 Rimm Kauffman Group Blog
1.2 Acxiom-Direct Blog
1.1 Enterprise Decision Management
0.9 Marketing Measurement Today
0.8 Marketing Geek
0.8 Chris Baggott's E-mail Marketing Best Practices
0.6 Sports Marketing 2.0
0.5 Digital Solid
0.5 Profitable Marketing
0.5 Rick Whittington
0.5 Power Points
0.5 Customer Experience Matrix
0.5 Sandeep Giri's Blog on Business Intelligence

If you enjoy reading other Database Marketing, Direct Marketing or Analytics websites, or want to be considered for inclusion, give me a holler.

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I See Dead People

From LinkedIn, where I wrote this on Sunday: