November 04, 2006

Copywriting and Spiders

Internet Retailer brings us this discussion about spiders on the internet, and how search engines comb the copy on your site.

If you don't think that Google, Yahoo! and MSN own a seat at your executive table, read this article. Gone are the days when a copywriter could freely communicate the brand to the consumer. Today, the copywriter must write words that meet the style requirements of Google, Yahoo! and MSN spiders. This yields new forms of copywriting, including blogs.

The copywriter is not selling to the customer. Search engines make the determination whether your site is credible or not. Colleges should be teaching students how to write "spider-friendly" copy.

Being an anti "brand" person most of my life, this is one of the instances where I am proven wrong. Never has it been more important to have your business be "top-of-mind" with the consumer, so that the consumer bypasses search engines.

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