October 31, 2006

The Top Four Posts For October

October saw a three percent increase in visitors over September. Here are the top four articles over the past thirty-one days. It is interesting that two are from September, showing considerable staying power. For those of you who are Jim Fulton fans, his posts were #5 and #6, the latter from August.

Number 4: Four Questions With Ann Handley, the number three article in September. Her easy-going and conversational style have resonated with so many of you, keeping you coming back for the second month in a row.

Number 3: This Week's Carnival of Business. In particular, the post by Christine Kane has been very well received, on this site and on many other sites.

Number 2: How Much Do You Really Pay To Watch Football? This was the number one article in September, and continues to draw a lot of visitors to the site.

Number 1: Does Homepage Design Influence Net Sales? This article really polarized folks. Some thought the discussion was spot-on, others thought the analysis was silly and uninformed. Regardless, it created a lot of debate and thought, and that is what I want to see here.


  1. Hi Kevin! Thanks for linking me in this round-up. Now I've gotta go look at these other posts... (my mac overheated so i've been on borrowed computers. sigh.)

  2. Christine, thanks for the message. I've received a lot of feedback about what you wrote. Great job, I subscribed to your feed!

  3. Anonymous5:06 AM

    For the record, October also saw a three percent increase in number of days over September.

    Be careful with statistics; in the hands of the clueless or nefarious, they can be useless at best, misleading at worst.

  4. Well done, Mr. Anonymous! A 3% increase in visits on top of a 3% increase in days truly yields no incremental growth.


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