October 05, 2006

Gary Comer, Lands' End

Many of my readers already know by now that Gary Comer, founder of Lands' End, passed away after a battle with cancer.

While I didn't have a personal relationship with Mr. Comer, I did learn just about everything I know about database marketing and direct marketing from his disciples. I can honestly say that the culture Mr. Comer created at Lands' End was the absolute best culture I have worked in during my career. His disciples have gone on to do great things, both at Lands' End, and at leading direct-to-consumer merchants.

Hopefully, Mr. Comer knew how many lives he impacted. Tens of thousand of people worked at Lands' End over the years, and countless individuals benfited from Mr. Comer's philanthropic activities. Well done, Mr. Comer. May God smile upon you.


  1. Diaspora is an interesting term to use. I have worked at five companies since college. Each company had folks leave. Lands' End had a disproportionate number of folks leave, and become leaders elsewhere.

    The transition from working in the Lands' End culture to being a leader at another business is something worthy of a Harvard Business Review study.

  2. I forgot about "the rest will take care of itself"!


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