September 07, 2006

"In Today's Marketing Environment ..."

Sitting comfortably at home, I opened my email, and read an article from a B2B organization trying to sell me a "solution". Here is a quote from their email newsletter (this quote represents one sentence):

"In today's marketing environment, the proliferation of segments, channels, and product categories is forcing companies to identify and prioritize opportunities at the points where these components intersect in order to stimulate growth."

I have a few questions for you, my loyal reader:

  • Is it easy for you to understand what this company is saying to you?
  • Does this organization appear more credible to you than a competitor that uses simple language?
  • Does this writing style inspire you to learn more about the "solution" this company is offering?
I would prefer a writing style that is more direct and simplistic. That being said, I frequently observe this style of writing in B2B marketing. Is this style successful? I don't know. What do you think?

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