August 29, 2006

Target Audience For Catalogs

I recently had a discussion with a business leader about the relevance of catalogs to a 25-45 year old target audience. As we move closer and closer to the year 2010, it seems that marketing channels are aligning with different target audiences.
  • Catalog seems to be aligning with a 45-75 year old audience.
  • E-Mail seems to be aligning with a 35-55 year old audience.
  • RSS seems to be aligning with a 25-45 year old audience.
  • Text messaging and instant messaging seem to be aligning with an under 35 year old audience.
If you were starting a business, marketing to a 25-45 year old target audience, which marketing channels would you explore? Would you invest money in catalogs targeted to a 25-45 year old audience?

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