August 31, 2006

The Four Most Popular MineThatData Articles In August

Each month, I will review with you the four articles that drew the most interest from you, the loyal reader. Enjoy your trip down memory lane. Here's the countdown:

The Number Four article is a discussion of optimized marketing spend. People seemed to like that a simple equation like the square root function can be used to help determine the increase in sales expected when advertising dollars are increased.

Number Three is a comparison of branding verses selling. I compared the websites of Gap and Zappos, and discussed which style yields greater sales.

Number Two is a discussion about how many times you should e-mail a customer each week. Read the article, and join the discussion about how many contacts a week you perceive to be appropriate.

And your favorite post of the month is the Four Questions Segment with Jim Fulton! This article has been very well received, literally spreading like a virus across the United States and UK, driving close to half of total page views for a two week period of time. Congratulations to Jim for his writing style, content, and as a bonus, haiku!

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