February Is MY MONTH!!!!

The Top Four Articles From January

Industry Transformation

Multichannel Forensics White Paper

"Hand On A Mouse" Syndrome

A Brief History Of The Internet, And Leadership Development

Fixing Gap

The MineThatData Honor Roll: January 27, 2007

Friends of MineThatData: January 26, 2007

Who Wants A Free Book? Submit Your Article By February 4

Your Expectations For A Brand

Driving Sales To Other Channels: Multichannel Forensics, Part Four

Google, Online Vendors, and Accountability

Online Marketers and Career Planning

Marshall Field And Customer Loyalty

Optimal Online Marketing Budget

Being Guy Kawasaki , For Just One Day

The 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 Rule

Where Are Your Customers Going? Part Three Of Multichannel Forensics

More On Loyal Customer Behavior Using Multichannel Forensics

Measuring Loyal Customer Behavior Using Multichannel Forensics

New England Mail Order Association Spring 2007 Conference

It's Not Personal, It's Business

Virtual CEO: Blue Nile

The MineThatData Honor Roll: John Hagel at Edge Perspectives about The Gap

Please Help Our Industry Measure Advertising Effectiveness: 19 Days To Go

"Either Get On The Train, Or Get Out Of The Way"

An Envigorating 310 Minute Drive Home From Work

Endless: A Shoe And Handbag Business Courtesy Of

Sears Launches In Second Life

Saks Fifth Avenue E-Mail Campaign

Blockbuster Verses Netflix: Multichannel Forensics